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We believe in supporting local businesses and promoting healthy living. Most of the companies we work with are located right in American Fork.  We're proud to offer a range of protein powder and drink flavors made with locally sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers. 

We believe that by using these products, we can help support our community. We take pride in knowing where our ingredients come from and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products possible.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!



Clean Simple Eats was started by Erika and JJ who wanted to help others elevate their lives through food and fitness. We are proud to use their protein powders for all of our frozen Protein Blends. Their supplements are also what help give several other items in our shop, such as our Hydrates, their signature taste. We believe Clean Simple Eats and Nineteen Main have similar commitments to flavor and health as shown by the following from their website. 

"We've created our own line of clean and tasty protein powders, supplements, and mixed nut butters (aka OffBeat Butters, so yummy you’ll want to eat them #bythespoonful). Our goal was (and is still) to create the best-tasting, highest quality products on the market, and we believe we did just that! Each small-batch flavor combo is unique, crave-worthy, and sure to leave you asking for more! "

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Ryan and Jeff Gardner founded Bucked Up in 2016  with a commitment to provide customers with the highest quality supplements and fitness products. Our store uses their delicious BCAA flavors in our Energizers and Hydrators. Bucked Up has proven to align with our store's mission for health as shown on their website. 

"We are committed to using only the best ingredients and the latest scientific research to create innovative and effective products that enhance performance, increase energy, and promote overall wellness. We strive to create a culture of excellence and integrity, where our customers can trust us to deliver the results they need to succeed. Our goal is to inspire and support our community in their pursuit of a healthier and more active lifestyle. We value our customers and take pride in their accomplishments. "

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